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Neglected and sometimes forgotten, this valuable investment keeps plodding on under the radar only to become a topic of interest when people reach the age of 50+. It’s easy to let the busy-ness of life and a lack of readily available, easy information allow us to put superannuation into the too-hard-basket.

Yet, if a small amount of attention and care is provided early on, your superannuation fund could turn into an investment powerhouse that will make a huge difference towards your lifestyle retirement.

With Australians getting healthier than ever before, having a big-enough nest egg when we retire is becoming more vital. Why not let the Money Orchard team help you transform this quiet investment into one of your most significant financial assets?


No matter what stage of life you’re in, you can start making great decisions about your super now. In fact the earlier the better, even if retirement seems far away or you’ve put your career on hold to raise your kids.

For those of you who wish to ramp up your super early to maximise returns for the future, there are endless options you can speak to us about, including funds that can give you higher returns and more transparent investments.

You also have the ability to pick your own shares or set up a Self Managed Super Fund to leverage your investing position with property.

We know that super can be complex. So we’ll break down all the information and options in a way that’s simple, transparent and personal to you. Take the opportunity to talk to us and work out what choices are available to you, and watch your savings grow.


SMSF seems like something only the wealthy can do, and most folk don’t know why it’s so good or find the process of setting one up daunting. Needless to say, many give up halfway with their money left to sit dormant in the fund, little earnings and their future retirement plans quickly going out the window.

Why SMSF? Well, firstly you are regaining complete control of the investment that your money is going into. People generally want to leverage their borrowing capacity, and the SMSF is a fantastic vehicle for that. You basically have the opportunity to buy something with leverage to create a greater return on the larger investment value.

It will also open up the opportunity to invest into direct shares so that you know exactly where your money is being invested. In a SMSF, not only do you have complete transparency of investments, but on accounting and auditing fees as well.

All you need is a starting amount of $150,000 and be excited about building wealth through this amazing product.