Money Orchard



When it comes to creating wealth, our aim is to make the whole process as easy and stress free as possible. So after getting started, it’s important to have someone understand exactly what’s been set up for you. Money Orchard’s specialist accounting service will make a lot of sense to manage your affairs so you won’t have to.

We’ll keep track of all the different strategies you’ve employed in lending, mortgage structuring and financial planning.

Too often, a client will go to their own accountant and try to remember everything that has been put into place. Inevitably, it’s easy to overlook details that can add up to substantial missed savings at tax time.


Given that our strategies start from financing your first home through to the most complex exit strategies at retirement, every small detail counts.

The timing of financial decisions you make throughout your life can mean the difference between paying thousands in tax or paying no tax at all – and it comes down to whether you know government tax guidelines. These decisions must be PLANNED, not left to chance.

Our specialist accounting service will capture all the strategies you have on board, without letting important information fall through the cracks. If you are busy running around with life, and have no time to chase every detail of your financial status, let us handle it. You’ll enjoy the simplicity and convenience of keeping your finances all in one place.


For business owners, we provide a service where we meet you before the end of the financial year to make and implement the best decisions for your business before 30 June. Why is this important? Because simply put, you have the flexibility to buy or sell, or work out how to maximise deductions and cashflow. It’s about painting a picture that you want to present to the tax man.

We also handle all the setting up, accounting and auditing work for Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF). Our dedicated team will ensure that your SMSF is set up properly, and even assist with the structure required to buy investment properties within the fund.

Did you also know that there are rebates and tax deductions available on various insurances you pay? Visit our Asset and Income Protection page for more details.