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When it comes to investing, it’s hard to think of a more emotional, close-to-the-heart topic than property. The great Australian Dream, the concept of home ownership as a representation of happiness and success, is still very much alive despite debate over housing affordability.

Why? Because no matter how the property market is performing at any given time, population growth is hard to slow down. So there will always be a consistent demand from people wanting to buy or rent.

At Money Orchard, we focus on 3 factors to make the right property investment choices for you to gain great growth: location (it’s a cliché, but this particular factors holds wisdom that simply can’t be disputed), the law of supply and demand (we buy in areas where there is a shortage in development) and research. Deep research.

Forget glossy marketing material. We rely on our trusted property researchers to provide the latest sweep of data on demographics, current and pipeline developments, past growth figures, surrounding infrastructure, current rental returns and value for money, all to show us the best places for you to buy.


It’s a bit cheeky to use wholesale retailer Costco as an analogy, but we all know that there are advantages to buying in bulk. As our property researchers scout the countryside, we sometimes get wind of a great suburb in a pocket surrounded by booming suburbs, and common sense suggests that this is the next place to buy.

Why not approach a reputable builder in the area and ask for a bulk discount? As a member of our 3000-strong property syndicate group, you’ll be able to buy a property with many others when the opportunity arises. And if a bulk buying opportunity isn’t available at the time you want to buy, we still have access to some of the best property data in the country to narrow down a handful of properties that possess strong growth and rental demands.

The advantages of property syndication are obvious. You won’t have to spend thousands of dollars on research papers or hours sorting through mountains of information. Just tap into the expertise of those in the know and enjoy the discounts, sometimes of between $20,000 and $40,000 per property.

To find out more about our fantastic bulk-buying property opportunities or to become a member of the Money Orchard Property Syndicate Program, contact us


Our property members receive sophisticated, jam-packed-with-statistics reports from reputable property reporting agencies and access to Money Orchard’s affiliated property team. This allows them to capitalise on our amazing track record, avoid buying duds and have full confidence in what they are buying.

Here’s just one example.

Back in 2013, we recommended the members buy in Mount Druitt, a suburb in Sydney’s west which did not have a ‘favourable past’. No one would have thought to buy there while the price was still low. In fact, you would have been laughed at. That was then. Now, the area’s value has exploded by two to three times within just a couple of years. How did we know to invest in Mount Druitt? Because the statistics predicted that this was going to be the next growth area. Lucky we didn’t listen to the cynics.

By buying in well researched areas, you minimise risk and tap into excellent growth, which means building up equity quicker and increases in rent, which unlocks further affordability… You’ll be able to buy more properties faster and build your wealth quicker. We’d love you to be a part of that journey.