Money Orchard



Our focus here at Money Orchard is to change the financial course of our clients’ lives – for the better. Whether we have the opportunity to support you for the short or long term, our strategies are all about making your retirement more comfortable, more affordable, and more fulfilled.

However, in this day and age, we find ourselves so busy that it’s hard to think of anything else. From experience, many people only start to consider their retirement between 55 and 60. If you’re lucky, the economic cycle will be in your favour at the time. If you’re unlucky, you will see your superannuation savings plummet and retirement plans shattered.

It’s very hard for people who start thinking about retirement way too late to lean on any contingency plans. This is why so many retirees are now having to take out a reverse mortgage to generate their living expenses from a loan that keeps growing in debt and eroding the value of their home over time (the interest is charged onto the loan, so you don’t make repayments).


We know that superannuation might not be your highest priority. But it only takes a few minutes out of your life to gauge how you’re tracking. If you do a check at age 20, you have a mammoth 45+ years to properly invest your hard earned money. Don’t leave it to chance or say that you will think about it when the time gets closer.

Part of the checking process is to ask yourself ‘how much do I need to live on?’. If you know what your goals are, it becomes so much easier for a professional planner like us to present various opportunities to you. You will feel empowered as you find out what your life is going to look like during your working years and into retirement.

At Money Orchard, we focus on finding out the goal you want to realistically achieve. From there, we map out all the different ways in which you can make passive income and grow your portfolio. We’ll make all the different pieces of the puzzle come alive and connect until the big picture is complete. We have all the tools and strategies to create the retirement lifestyle that you deserve, but did not really know about.


Another important aspect of wealth is to provide a jumpstart for your children, or other family members you love. Most parents want to give their kids a head start, but this requires funding. This could mean supporting their education, helping with a home deposit, initial capital to start a business or a trade, or buying their first car. Whatever it is, not much can be given if you don’t have the money yourself.

So let’s assume we started planning for your retirement when you were young. We’ve worked out a strategy to build your wealth significantly through a combination of superannuation, property, shares, tax savings and rapidly paying off your home loan debt.

The initial goal was not just to generate income for yourself at retirement, but to go beyond your necessities. If you retire with a considerable sum of disposable money, this is how you will be able to help your children most while still enjoying a comfortable retirement.