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No one wants a mortgage hanging around at retirement, but many people end up with one. One of the major contributors to this looming debt comes from a lack of understanding about wealth and finance.

Did you know that if you lock in the right mortgage structure, it can save you thousands of dollars in the future? It can also mean the difference between the ability to buy not one investment property but two, even three.

For example, many people chase after the cheapest interest rate. What they don’t know is that while some lenders may have more expensive rates, they’re more generous in what they’re willing to lend. Let’s take a look at why this can make an enormous difference to your wealth creation plan.

Say you go with the ‘expensive’ lender but you are now able to buy your first investment property for $450,000. The extra 0.5% interest will set you back $2,250 per year. However, if we assume a growth rate of 5% a year in a desirable suburb, this means an increase of $22,500 a year. Over a five-year period, you’ll pay an extra $11,250 in interest and reap a respectable $112,500 in property growth.


At Money Orchard, we’re passionate about introducing ways to maximise your wealth creation opportunities by creating the right mortgage structure and taking advantage of lenders’ lending policy.

We embrace the philosophy of planning ahead and working hard. We also believe it’s about working smarter. The way we do this is by preventing you from making costly mistakes and growing your wealth exponentially. Our team has helped hundreds of people (and increasingly their children, because that’s how long we’ve been in business!) successfully set up their finances.

These are just some of the decisions that can make a huge difference to your future:

We can also manage other loan options such as property loans in Self Managed Super Funds, car and commercial vehicle leases, retirement equity release loans and aged care payment loans.


Have you ever asked yourself what is the good of building wealth if you don’t have a back-up plan? Surprisingly, many don’t. Do most of our clients expect something terrible to happen to them? Not in a million years.

We like to take the safe road and support you through life’s unexpected challenges with a customised ‘just in case’ strategy. Our plan is to create ways to help you financially survive a crisis so you won’t lose your hard-earned wealth. This crisis can be anything from a failed business to a sudden illness.

Contingency planning is one of our strengths. It’s also what makes us very different. We’ll work with what you have and implement as many what-ifs as possible even if you never have to use your back-up plan. We find that for many of our clients, this peace of mind is invaluable.