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As part of our quest to give clients customised and holistic wealth-creation solutions, we offer advice on a range of issues that you might not necessarily find with other advisers. One of these is how to set up your children’s education future.

Parents want to give their children a good education. They want the best for them, so it’s no wonder many will start a savings account to gradually store up the money needed to put them through university.

Trouble is, the savings account earnings is added to the parents’ taxable income. You may be saying, ‘well my partner does not work , so their taxable income is zero’. But the return on a typical bank account is very low. So what other products can provide much better returns, tax does not pass onto parents and will support our kids’ futures?


By far the best and only option is a tax effective Education Fund, a specialised investment product designed to encourage children to further their education.

The Federal Government allows the rebating of all taxes paid within this investment so long as the money is used for education. If by some chance the child decides not to pursue further education, the money is still available to withdraw without any penalties. You just miss out on the tax rebate.

This type of savings is not new and there are a few insurance companies out there that provide such funds. The problem is there is no consistency in how these funds operate, or the types of conditions they may have.


Money Orchard focuses on providing the most flexible and accommodating education fund around. For example, the fund can pay for not only tuition fees, but books, and away-from-home accommodation costs.

We will even show you how much to save to reach a certain amount, or conversely, show you how much the fund will be worth with your choice of starting investment balance. This gives you so much more certainty to plan for your child’s future.

The set-up is very simple. Deposit a small lump sum, choose if you wish to do a monthly savings plan and watch the investment grow over the years. Once the specified child requires education funding, then you can withdraw from the account and receive generous tax rebates. Even if your child decides not to study, you can still withdraw the full investment amount.

No matter what the future holds for your child, you can rest assured that the money is all yours. And if used for education, the government provides incentives by rebating the tax component.