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It might sound obvious but it’s crazy to put so much effort into wealth creation if you are NOT ready for emergencies. That’s why our team wants to protect any wealth that we’ve helped you build up – and that you’ve worked very hard to accumulate.

We discuss the range of insurance options, how much you should be covered, as well as what you wish to cover, whatever suits your life situation. An important part of our work is helping you avoid costly mistakes.

Be aware of cheap insurance policies because they often have nasty clauses that limit your chances at claim time. Sometimes they increase significantly in the premiums you need to pay, or the amount of cover reduces to zero over time. The earlier you apply and set up the right insurance policies, the earlier you’ll have absolute peace of mind knowing you will always be covered for any unexpected surprises.


Many Australians are keen to insure their cars, homes, contents and health. But when it comes to ‘yours truly’, the urgency disappears. It’s almost like the priority is on the assets we own, but not the person who earns the income.

The whole idea of self-insurance is to protect yourself from any unforeseen circumstances. Some insurers are now even providing cover for your children as part of the adult insurance policy. This is because we now have more frequent cases of children diagnosed with cancer or diabetes, and numerous other illnesses that were rare 20 years ago.

If you’re wondering how you’re going to make these payments, there are different options we can discuss with you. For instance, did you know you can cover your insurance through your superannuation fund, rather than out of your pocket, as long as this is nominated upfront? This means that you don’t necessarily have to part with your hard-earned income in order to cover the most important asset in your life – you.


The three main insurances we offer include general, health and personal.

General insurance: this covers house and contents, car, boat, landlords etc. So often people insure items with different insurers, which makes it difficult and time consuming to claim. How about giving bulk discount insurance a try? All the insurances are kept in one location, you will more than likely receive a discount for doing so, and if a claim ever happens, it’s simple.

Health insurance: this option is often taken out as private health insurance cover with government rebate incentives at tax time to encourage people to be insured. For example, did you know that if you are making an effort to live healthily, you can eat well, exercise and generally taking care of yourselves – so less risk for the insurer – you can access continuous discounts for health insurance as well as personal insurance?

Personal insurance: this covers all your life, disability, critical illness and income protection. It is fascinating that Australians place more priority on insuring their material possessions than themselves. If you lose all your assets, you can start over. If the family loses you, there is no second chance other than to organise something financially to help the surviving members deal with the financial stress that you used to carry.

Even though we can’t help you avoid any of life’s unexpected tragedies, we can at least guide you to prepare financially to protect the assets you will leave behind. And the best time to start is when you are young.