Money Orchard


Eliminating your home loan and growing your investments.


Money Orchard makes complex financial decisions simple. We manage risks safely while executing the right strategies. And we’re here for you over the long term.
Great businesses are often borne from spotting a problem in the market – followed by a eureka moment. That’s what happened to Money Orchard founder Craig Richards. About 20 years ago, he was working at one of the big banks as a lending manager looking after high net-worth clients. He and a financial planner were instructed to attend client interviews together to give a ‘complete’ solution. The only problem was the advice they gave was often not in sync because the worlds of financial planning and lending were poles apart.
Money Orchard emerged from Craig’s realisation that in order to give a client the best chance at wealth creation, their solutions needed to be customised and holistically based. Today, that ethos continues to lie at the heart of what we do. We take a big-picture perspective on your life, no matter where you’re at, drawing our strategies from the diverse arms of lending, mortgage structuring and financial planning.
Ultimately, our priority is to eliminate your mortgage within 8 to 12 years. For us, debt reduction goes hand in hand with growing your real estate and managed fund portfolios in a delicate balancing act to accelerate your dreams.
With so many robust solutions at our fingertips, we believe we can offer you an excellent chance of success. For us, this means helping you achieve financial growth and just as importantly, avoiding making irreversible mistakes.


To create wealth, we need to first collect a wealth of information. Your information. After coming on board with us, you’ll be asked to complete a detailed questionnaire followed by a get-to-know-you face time session. By looking at all the different aspects of your life, we’ll uncover your goals to start your plan to meeting your financial goals.
Craig is the director, founder and visionary mind behind Money Orchard. When he started his business two decades ago, he was a pioneer in the field. Unlike other wealth creation specialists, he brought together lending, mortgage structuring and financial planning under one roof. Today, together with his indispensable team, Craig continues to help hundreds of clients eliminate their home mortgage within 8 to 12 years, while delivering holistic solutions for every stage of their life.
As Money Orchard’s accountant, Anna offers a personalised, accessible service to clients throughout the year. With a decade of industry experience, she’s skilled at taking the overwhelm out of complex tax and accounting matters, particularly for business owners. Anna also heads the specialist accounting service, which manages all the intricate aspects of a client’s wealth creation strategy in one spot.
Arvind Ramachandran
Finance Strategist

Arvind is a passionate mortgage broker, focused on forging lifelong relationships and delivering fantastic financial outcomes. He summarises his approach to mortgage broking with a simple motto, “Do it faster. Make it easier. Deliver exceptional customer service”.

“Getting the right mortgage is just the beginning. As your life changes, your mortgage requirements will change as well – and a good broker can make all the difference to accommodate change and save interest.”

With his significant experience as a Chartered Accountant and access to over 30 lenders, Arvind helps clients with a range of unique solutions in building wealth.

Ofa Wright
Partner / Real Estate

A successful health and wellness entrepreneur and a dedicated real estate enthusiast, her ethics and drive was instrumental in creating the Cocohub brand to help people buy real estate. While other real estate firms used pressure tactics, she was determined to create an environment where the buying process is based on trust and mutual agreement, and this has been a huge success within the circle of clients she has accumulated.