Add to the Australian Dream chapter – We do this every day. Every guidance you’ll ever need are available through our most trusted team of professionals. We will listen to what you want and fit the overall structure that you will be very happy with!

Welcome to your future – Mortgage Elimination and Wealth Creation

Whether you’re a young couple, newly married, juggling a family or just retired, chances are you you’ve been working hard to build up a nest egg and fulfil your goals. OK, you’re not struggling. But it feels like you have to peddle all the time to get to that elusive ‘next level’. The level where you’ll feel secure, safe and set up. No matter what stage of life you’re at, Money Orchard is here to help. We’re a highly-established boutique business on a quest to eliminate your mortgage debt. We do that by joining together all the dots as specialists in lending, mortgage structuring and financial planning. Our holistic approach is unusual. It not only helps to ensure that you’ll enjoy great growth and great returns, but that you don’t make costly mistakes along the way.

Our Mission

We aim to eliminate your home mortgage within 8-12 years, while creating holistic wealth creation solutions for every stage of your life. We guide you through the maze of complex financial decisions, now and into the future.

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Sometimes mistakes are costly, here are the most common ones we see.


As a first home buyer, you believe you should pay off your property as quickly as possible, keep it as an investment and then buy a bigger one. What you don't realise is by thinking ahead and setting up your repayments differently, you'll save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.


You're a retiree who's got a fair bit of accumulated wealth. But the art of retirement is all about having a tax free income stream as much as possible. If you don't manage your assets the right way, it may affect the retirement lifestyle you had planned.


If you're a property investor, chances are positive gearing appeals to you because you don't have to outlay your own money. While positive gearing is not a bad thing and all investment properties become positive at some point, don't get caught up in prioritising cashflow over a property's location to tap into capital growth.

Celebrating Freedom

You don’t need savings to start building your wealth portfolio today. Wherever you’re at, we’ll create a plan specially for you. The most important thing is to get going, and keep building from there. We’re doing wonders with everyday people with typical incomes and a mortgage.

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What our clients are saying about Money Orchard’s Mortgage Elimination and Wealth Creation

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A few more things

We like to keep things fresh. Here are just some of the reasons why our clients keep coming back.

Our success

We use our decades of experience in the lending, mortgage broking and financial planning fields to get things right, the first time, so you can achieve your big-picture goals sooner.

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Because we care

We genuinely care about doing the very best we can for you. Our service is highly personal. Over the years, our business has grown alongside our clients and their families.

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The numbers game

What will your property portfolio be worth in 10, 20 or 30 years time? Will it be enough to retire on? We use your ‘dream numbers’ to work out your net worth in the future. This exercise will give you an insight on what you need to be doing now to reach your ultimate goal.

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